Welcome to Sustainable Engineering Society

The Sustainable Engineering Society (SENG) is a multi-disciplinary society within Engineers Australia (EA) that takes a holistic approach to sustainability. SENG is fully aligned with EA's Code of Ethics, which states that we must work towards a sustainable future and act in the interests of the community ahead of personal and sectional interests. SENG has members from all professional disciplines.

SENG recognises that:

  • The environment is in a serious state of ongoing decline;
  • Communities are 100% dependent on the environment;
  • Consumption and endless growth are primary causes of the severe state of degradation;
  • Current practices are simply unsustainable;
  • Many engineering endeavours have resulted in the current state of affairs.

SENG endeavours to:

  • Ensure that a full life cycle analysis and costing is embedded as part of any engineering endeavour;
  • That working with the natural systems, engineering endeavours can be a major solution to issues of sustainability and achieving a state of dynamic equilibrium;
  • Ensure engineers are part of the solution NOT part of the problem
  • Ensure that society becomes sustainable and thrives for thousands of years

Engineers have a moral and ethical duty to ensure that they abide by the Code of Ethics, and that their work is tested against this code.