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In March 2019 a joint meeting of the Environmental College Board and the SENG National Committee decided that the best contribution the organisations could make to sustainability would be to provide an E-Learning course which is accessable to anyone.

Alternatively, select the button below to go straight to the Learning Management System, all it will cost is your time.  The first component takes just 30-45 minutes.

If you enjoyed it and found it valuable please share with your friends, family and peers.

The first Module is called Defining the Problem and it has four components:

  • Growth
  • Biodiversity
  • Global Warming
  • Probability and Risk

The first three components - Growth, Biodiversity and Global Warming are complete, and available at using the Module 1 button above.

While external costs were funded by SENG - we would like to acknowledge the enormous personal contributions of Lara Harland (Environmental College) and Steve Posselt (SENG). Without their drive and passion to deliver this project, what you see below would not be possible.

The final component of Defining the Problem will be available within the next 2 months.

The course is available to anyone at no cost.  We hope you enjoy the course and we look forward to your continued support so SENG can continue to deliver initiatives such as the online training. 

Want to know more or have some questions Email SENG on:

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"Very well-developed content. eye opening. Would recommend anyone and everyone to be honest."

"This e-learning about sustainability is great, even though I practice in this area it still has provided me with more ways to understand and deal with the challenges of sustainability in engineering. Thanks!"

"E-learning has made learning more engaging and effective with its flexibility, convenience, and accessibility. It offers an unparalleled opportunity to unlock your potential and achieve your goals, so why not take the first step and give it a try?"

"I was extremely surprised by the extremely high level of the production quality of this material. Deeply engaging, attention-grabbing on both a professional and a personal level, and packed with very significant technical details. I am eagerly looking forward to getting more involved with EA's Sustainable Engineering Society."


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The value of this training is that it helps understand the root causes of why our modern society has a sustainability crisis. This is important for both recognising sustainability problems and also for an appreciation of how to resolve those problems.