QLD Branch Information

Thu, 2024-04-11 18:15 -- 753651

Information about the Queensland Sustainable Engineering Society (SENG Qld) branch.

Our goals are:-
  • Delivering professional development opportunities for our members
  • Encouraging sustainable practices in all professions and engineering disciplines
  • Provide opportunities for networking an liaison between industry, students and government
  • Keeping members updated on new initiatives and developments in sustainability and environmental engineering
  • Providing a forum for dialogue on current issues relating to sustainability, the environment and climate change
  • Technical seminars to share information and provide CPD (continual professional development)
  • Workshops, breakfasts, site visits, discussion forums
  • Provide comments on policy and discussion papers
  • Input into the SENG supplement in the WME Magazine
  • Represent QLD on the SENG National Board and the Environmental College

We welcome participation from the community, professionals and interested individuals.

If you would like to suggest any topics or activities please do not hesitate to contact our committee.