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SENG (in conjunction with the College of Environmental Engineering and EA) provides a number of publications for the use of our members.  We hope you find them valuable. 

For more information on each of our publications please use the menu on the right hand side of this page.

Inside Waste & Business Environment Network

As of April 2017, all SENG members recieve free access to Mayfam Media's 'Business Environment Network' (BEN) and 'Inside Waste' online services. This follows a transition from their hard-copy WME Magazine.

WME Magazine

From January 2013, Society members received the WME Magazine as part of their membership.  There were 11 editions annually, released monthly from February to December.  In four of these editions, the Society had an 8-page feature within the magazine.

SENG National and Chapter newsletters

E-newsletters sent by SENG are archived and are available to members only at this link.

Sustainable Engineering Australia

Engineers Australia publishes an eMagazine called Sustainable Engineering Australia.  The latest copyis available here.  To access previous issues click on the link for the latest version and in the footer click on Browse Issues.

Sustainability and Infrastructure

Sustainability and Infrastructure was the magazine of the Society for 2011 and 2012.  Published by Great Southern Press the magazine was launched at the SSEE 2011 International Conference in Brisbane in October 2011.  Past editions of the magazine are available to members only at this link.

The Environmental Engineer

The Environmental Engineer was the journal of the Society from 2002 through to 2010.  Published by Hallmark Editions, the quarterly journal was provided free of charge to members.  Past editions of the journal are available to members only at this link.


SEEK (Sustainability in Engineering Education and Knowledge) is a newsletter for engineering educators from Engineers Australia College of Environmental Engineers and anyone else interested in Sustainability and Education.

Past editions of SEEK are available to members at this link.


The Society National Board and chapters use e-newsletters to communicate with members and contacts about upcoming Society events and other topics of interest.  The newsletter archive can be accessed via this link.