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De-risking Melbourne in 2030: Hot, dry and smoky
Thursday, March 19, 2020 - 15:30 to 19:00
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Nick Wood
Actuaries Institute 2/50 Carrington St Sydney , New South Wales , 2000
The event is about generating ideas and about linking the data, knowledge and skills of the climate research scientists, actuaries and engineers around a topical and thought-provoking premise: “This group is confident that through a combination of insurance and engineering it can develop a set of effective measures that will assist the City of Melbourne to reduce the impacts of a hotter and drier future climate on its citizens, its economy and its ecosystems.” The City of Melbourne is the focus for this event due to the recent release of relevant climate change data. Over the three to four hours examining this premise will require the participants to identify, access and then work with a large amount of data and risk information Noting the limited time this will focus more on what can be done rather than heavy duty data analysis and scenario generation. Co-operation and networking will be a major element of the session with the aim to mix and combine, climate science and academics, insurance / reinsurance and engineering skills in each group. Four areas of impacts associated with hotter and drier future have been selected for the participants to work on. These are: Human health and well being Disruptions to the transport system Bushfires and smoke / poor air quality Water supply, low water volumes and quality The participants will be presented with the challenge of developing cost-effective ideas to mitigate the impacts using three response frameworks. These are: Better pricing of risks in the first place Planning for and building in climate resilience Reducing the financial impact of events when they do happen. https://www.engineersaustralia.org.au/event/2020/02/de-risking-melbourne-2030-hot-dry-and-smoky