Sustainability – it’s your business

Sat, 2012-09-22 18:28 -- adminssee
Thursday, October 25, 2012 - 18:00
David Hood, National President of Engineers Australia
Engineers Australia Office, 122 Parry Street, Newcastle West
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6:00 SEng National AGM

A brief annual general meeting will be held prior to the technical session.  For more information see the Notice of Annual General Meeting.

6:30 SEng Technical Session - Sustainability its your business

Professor David Hood Professor David Hood discussed the science and evidence behind climate change and the  sustainability crisis facing society, and  suggested  that engineers  have a very significant role to play in providing solutions. He discussed how businesses can change and assist with solutions and still make a profit.  He also briefly described the evolution of Australia’s Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating scheme, and discussed how it is expected to transform infrastructure to achieve more sustainability outcomes.

Professor Hood is a civil and environmental engineer with vast experience across major civil and military projects, professional development in emerging economies, senior management in both the public and private sectors and in education.  David is deeply concerned that human activities and our current business paradigms, and personal lifestyles are seriously damaging our global home – the planet.  However, it need not lead to a Great Disruption – there is hope, but only if we realise what we are doing, and take immediate restorative action.

A copy of Davids presentation is available here (7MB).

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