World First Launch of Beyond Zero Emissions' Electric Vehicles Plan for Australia

Sun, 2016-08-14 15:25 -- David

On Friday evening 12 August, Queensland Minister for Main Roads, Road Safety and Ports, and Minister for Energy, Biofuels and Water Supply, Hon Mark Bailey, Officially launching Beyond Zero Emissions' Electric Vehicles Plan - a world first………. The Plan shows how Australia can move rapidly to a renewable energy, all electric vehicle fleet within 10 years, and eliminate six per cent of Australia’s greenhouse emissions – the proportion currently attributed to urban cars – at no additional cost to the Australian economy. 

This is the conclusion of the study’s ‘Low Cost Scenario’ in which oil prices rise instead and EV technology and battery prices fall more steeply.  Even though many expert commentators are predicting the Low Cost Scenario will be the most likely to occur, nonetheless BZE also modelled a ‘High Cost Scenario’. 

In this scenario BZE found that the cost of a rapid 10 year transition to 100% electric cars powered by 100% renewable electricity was just 25% higher than BAU. Replacing buses costs at most only 10% more than BAU and, if the Low Cost scenario eventuates, it could be $15 billion less, saving billions as well as clearing the air. These costs factor in the costs of installing public charging infrastructure as well as the costs of powering the EVs with 100% renewable electricity.

The modelling by BZE and UNSW’s Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets also makes the conservative assumption that the total number of cars will continue to rise slowly.

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