Engineers nail climate risk

Create: 11/26/2019 - 09:41

A workshop of 120 engineers voted at the World Engineers Conference 2019 (WEC 2019) in Melbourne last week (Nov 20 - Nov 22) that there is a climate emergency.

The risk of dangerous climate change of 1 in 5, is almost one hundred thousand times higher than an acceptable engineering risk.

The possible consequences of climate change include extreme weather, severe water shortages, social breakdown and ecosystem collapse.

To address these risks the Engineers Nail Climate Change workshop calls for a coordinated professional response. We refer to this as Plan B because Plan A is clearly not working.

Specifically, mitigation efforts have not worked fast enough and accelerated mitigation needs to be complemented with rapid and deep adaptation. 

Further details are on our LinkedIn page at the following link


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Great statement, it is good to see Engineers on-board with the need for action.