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WCI Market: CCAs consolidate, WCAs upbeat post strong Q2 auction

Carbon Pulse - Fri, 2024-06-14 10:38
California Carbon Allowances (CCA) prices stabilised after last week's price rout, while trade in Washington Carbon Allowances (WCA) in the secondary market picked up after a strong second quarterly auction result.
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Australian telco announces move away from carbon credit use, increases emissions reduction targets

Carbon Pulse - Fri, 2024-06-14 10:21
Australia’s largest telecom company Telstra announced Friday it will no longer purchase carbon credits, choosing instead direct investments to reduce its emissions footprint as well as increasing its Scope 1 and 2 emissions reduction targets.
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Ending native forest logging would help Australia’s climate goals much more than planting trees

The Conversation - Fri, 2024-06-14 10:05
Two states have banned native forest logging, but it’s still happening in the others. Kate Dooley, Research Fellow, School of Geography, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, The University of Melbourne Licensed as Creative Commons – attribution, no derivatives.
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Rise in US biofuels production could worsen air quality, particularly in disadvantaged communities -non-profit

Carbon Pulse - Fri, 2024-06-14 09:54
Increasing support for US biofuels production – including renewable diesel (RD) and ethanol – as more sustainable alternatives to petroleum-based counterparts, overlook their impact on air quality, particularly in rural Midwestern communities, analysis by an environmental non-profit found.
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BBC uncovers 6,000 possible illegal sewage spills in one year

BBC - Fri, 2024-06-14 09:01
A BBC investigation has uncovered potentially thousands more illegal sewage spills on dry days.
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CF NORTH AMERICA: Voluntary carbon market grows interest in removals, panellists maintain role for reductions

Carbon Pulse - Fri, 2024-06-14 08:54
Prominent buyers in the voluntary carbon market (VCM) have raised the profile of removals credits, but costs remain high and reductions credits still have a key role to play in achieving voluntary net zero targets, panellists told conference attendees this week.
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Article 6 negotiators decide to push emissions avoidance decision out to 2028

Carbon Pulse - Fri, 2024-06-14 07:59
In a late move at mid-year UN climate talks in Bonn, country negotiators formally decided Thursday to try and clean up the Article 6 process by pushing several "spicy" topics out to future years, notably including that of emissions avoidance, easing the workload ahead of COP29 in November.
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RGGI Market: Prices race to new highs in search of a ceiling

Carbon Pulse - Fri, 2024-06-14 06:51
RGGI Allowance (RGA) prices hit new highs after posting a record settle at last week’s second quarterly permit sale, with traders viewing supportive warm weather forecasts, the absence of a reserve cap, and options activity adding to the upside.
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BRIEFING: Chile’s draft Article 6 law is ambitious, but may see slow project approvals

Carbon Pulse - Fri, 2024-06-14 06:31
The public consultation period for Chile’s draft Article 6 regulation concluded this week as stakeholders praised ambitious timelines and comprehensive coverage but flagged cumbersome processes for project approval.
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Verra places voluntary carbon projects implicated in Brazilian police probe on hold

Carbon Pulse - Fri, 2024-06-14 04:21
Verra has placed three Brazil-based voluntary carbon projects on hold, pending a formal review, after they were implicated in a fraud probe launched by the Brazilian Federal Police (PF) last week.
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Clean v green: ‘disgust wins out’ over eco ideals when doing laundry, study finds

The Guardian - Fri, 2024-06-14 04:00

Fear of being seen as unclean drives overwashing of clothes at expense of environment, Swedish scientists say

How often should you wash your clothes? Doctors don’t really know, but the decision is more cultural than medical, anyway. Worried about leaving the house in sweaty shirts or stained shorts, people often chuck clean clothes in the laundry basket after wearing them just once.

But the urge to avoid whiffy garments carries a climate cost that has largely been ignored. New research shows that feelings of disgust and shame encourage excessive clothes washing even among those who care about their carbon footprint.

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Unexpected number of whales currently swimming off the coast of New England

The Guardian - Fri, 2024-06-14 03:13

Researchers made 161 sightings of whales – some of them endangered – south of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket

An unexpected number of whales is visiting the waters off New England, including an unusually high number of an endangered species, said scientists who study the animals.

A research flight made 161 sightings of seven different species of whale on 25 May south of Martha’s Vineyard and south-east of Nantucket, officials with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Noaa) said on Thursday. The sightings included 93 of sei whales, one of the highest concentrations of the rare whale during a single flight, the agency said.

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Danish Parliament approves CO2 tax for industry, shipping

Carbon Pulse - Fri, 2024-06-14 03:07
The Danish parliament has approved two bills that will impose a CO2 tax on parts of industry, including shipping and waste-to-energy companies, from next year.
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Bolivian senator proposes carbon projects as country thaws on voluntary market

Carbon Pulse - Fri, 2024-06-14 02:25
A Bolivian senator expressed support on Tuesday for carbon projects as a counterpoint to extractive industry, as the lower middle-income country slowly reverses its long opposition to the voluntary carbon market (VCM).
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Danish companies recommend halting biodiversity loss by 2030

Carbon Pulse - Fri, 2024-06-14 02:02
Some 22 organisations from across the private, non-profit, and academic sectors in Denmark have agreed with an alliance’s set of guidelines that recommend halting biodiversity loss by 2030 at the latest.
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Swiss reinsurance giant signs multi-year deal to purchase Bolivian biochar credits

Carbon Pulse - Fri, 2024-06-14 01:30
A Swiss reinsurance firm has signed a multi-year deal to purchase credits from a biochar project in Bolivia, it announced on Thursday.
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