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Labor won't rule out using 'accounting tricks' to meet emissions reduction targets

The Guardian - 1 hour 42 min ago

Mark Butler says party will make decision on using carryover credits from the Kyoto protocol after Paris ‘rule book’ established

The shadow climate minister Mark Butler has not ruled out using carryover carbon credits from the Kyoto protocol to help Labor meet its more ambitious emissions reduction targets in the event it wins the next election.

Butler expressed reluctance about using accounting tricks as part of Labor’s climate policy arsenal, but told the ABC he would not make a decision about whether carryover credits were in or out until after the Paris rule book was established.

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Tasmanian Richey Fishing Company – Australian Salmon - Application 2018

Department of the Environment - 1 hour 50 min ago
The public consultation period for assessment for ongoing export accreditation will be open from 14 December 2018 until 31 January 2019.
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Why the energy regulator’s report into wholesale market prices is a joke

RenewEconomy - 2 hours 9 min ago

NetworkEnergy regulator waves away claims of market abuse by the big energy companies, but as it admits itself, it doesn't know what's going on because it is not allowed to look.

The post Why the energy regulator’s report into wholesale market prices is a joke appeared first on RenewEconomy.

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Parker Solar Probe: Sun-skimming mission starts calling home

BBC - 2 hours 10 min ago
Having become the closest-ever human-made object to our star, the Parker spacecraft returns returns its first data
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Australia turns back on allies as it refuses to cut emissions above Paris pledge

The Guardian - 2 hours 48 min ago

EU and 27 countries vow to toughen commitments as environment minister’s address at COP24 UN climate change summit accused of flying in face of reality

Australia will not commit to larger carbon emissions reductions above its Paris agreement target, despite a coalition of former allies and Pacific neighbours urging greater cuts.

In Paris in 2015 Australia was a part of a bloc of countries called the “High Ambition Coalition”, which includes the UK, the EU, New Zealand, the Marshall Islands and Fiji. Australia is outside that bloc now.

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Large CCO-3 issuances continue as California mints 366k credits

Carbon Pulse - 4 hours 26 min ago
California reduced the invalidation period on more than 11.1 million existing credits, marking the second straight issuance with multi-million CCO-3 issuances, regulatory data shows.
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EU Market: Carbon rallies to 2-month high as options expire

Carbon Pulse - 5 hours 17 min ago
European carbon prices rallied by nearly 10% on Wednesday ahead of the expiry of hundreds of millions of options contracts after market close.
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ECOSYSTEM MARKETPLACE: Tropical countries far short of meeting deforestation targets

Carbon Pulse - 5 hours 21 min ago
If we’re to prevent global temperatures from rising to a level more than 1.5ºC (2.7ºF) above pre-industrial levels, we must dramatically improve the way we manage our forests, farms, and fields.
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Climate change is 'shrinking winter'

BBC - 5 hours 37 min ago
Snowy mountain winters are being squeezed into shorter periods, threatening water supplies and increasing wildfire risk.
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Climate change is causing a decline in river systems, researchers say

ABC Environment - 5 hours 50 min ago
Researchers looked at data from tens of thousands of rainfall stations and rivers and found that while climate change is causing heavier rainfall, river systems are declining.
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We can't know the future cost of climate change. Let's focus on the cost of avoiding it instead

The Conversation - 6 hours 14 min ago
For decades, economists have pondered the 'social cost of carbon' - the price worth paying to avoid the future costs of greenhouse emissions. But a new analysis suggests this quest is impossibly complex. Jack Pezzey, Senior Fellow, Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University Licensed as Creative Commons – attribution, no derivatives.
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California officials anticipate carbon market amendment package to pass, sources say

Carbon Pulse - 6 hours 49 min ago
California regulator ARB is expected to approve the cap-and-trade amendments up for discussion at Thursday’s board meeting, with little chance of changing its position on the major elements of the proposal, sources said.
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COP24: Roundup for Dec. 12, 2018

Carbon Pulse - 7 hours 2 min ago
With negotiators struggling to break deadlock over an increasingly complex Paris Agreement rulebook text, the Polish presidency on Wednesday announced it was taking more direct control over the COP24 talks in Katowice.
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COP24: Five nations sign up to Germany’s carbon credit-buying plan

Carbon Pulse - 7 hours 12 min ago
Five countries have committed to curb N2O emissions nationwide from 2021 in return for Germany buying and cancelling carbon credits from their emission-cutting projects until that year.
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We need a non-proliferation treaty for fossil fuels | Letter

The Guardian - 7 hours 38 min ago
‘Peaceful use’ of fossil fuels could mean their continued but decreasing extraction, within enforceable limits constrained by the Paris agreement goals, writes Hugh Richards

In the face of the emerging climate emergency (Letters, 10 December) and projected unconstrained growth in global fossil fuel use, this is a plea for people with relevant expertise and influence to take forward the idea for a “non-proliferation treaty” (NPT) for fossil fuels, floated by Andrew Simms and Peter Newell (, 23 October) and supported by Bill McKibben, Naomi Klein and others (Letters, 30 October).

The analogy between fossil fuels and fissile nuclear materials is imperfect, but it should not be overlooked that the nuclear NPT promotes cooperation in and equal access to “peaceful use” of nuclear technology. “Peaceful use” of fossil fuels could mean their continued but decreasing extraction, within enforceable limits constrained by the Paris agreement goals, and an offsetting role for carbon capture and geo-sequestration (funded by fossil fuel producers). Safeguards and oversight could be provided by a new United Nations monitoring agency, akin to the International Atomic Energy Agency, which could also administer a global fossil carbon budget.

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COP24: Int’l organisations float offset use in vague climate neutrality vow

Carbon Pulse - 8 hours 10 min ago
Fifteen international organisations and development banks pledged Wednesday to make their operations carbon neutral in part through offsets, but they did not specify a target year or detail any of their potential demand for credits.
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Coalition signals it will provide taxpayer support for new and existing coal plants

The Guardian - 8 hours 25 min ago

Morrison government specifies generation projects will need to be coal, gas, batteries or pumped hydro to be eligible for underwriting

The Morrison government has sent a clear signal that it is prepared to provide taxpayer support for both new and existing coal plants, opening registrations of interest in its controversial new power generation underwriting program.

With the government accelerating to cover off major announcements before the Christmas break, the energy minister, Angus Taylor, will on Thursday use an event at a hydro power station in Tasmania to outline the terms of the new program and urge proponents to get their bids in over the summer break – before 23 January.

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UN chief attempts to revive flagging climate change talks

The Guardian - 8 hours 51 min ago

António Guterres returns to Katowice to urge China to intervene as world is ‘running out of time’

The UN secretary general, António Guterres, has made a dramatic intervention to revive flagging climate talks in Katowice, Poland, by flying back to the conference and preparing a personal call to the Chinese president, Xi Jinping.

Related: US accused of obstructing talks at UN climate change summit

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Carbon Tracker research head to join BNP Paribas

Carbon Pulse - 9 hours 32 min ago
The Carbon Tracker Initiative’s managing director and head of research has resigned to take up a position at the asset management arm of French bank BNP Paribas.
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California power emissions continue rising as natural gas increases

Carbon Pulse - 9 hours 51 min ago
California power utilities are poised to emit more CO2 in 2018 as hydroelectric power continues to decline and natural gas-fired generation rises, according to state and federal data.
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