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SpaceX to practise emergency crew capsule escape

BBC - 10 hours 53 min ago
A final technology demonstration from the California company should clear the way to fly astronauts.
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Youth activists lose appeal in landmark lawsuit against US over climate crisis

The Guardian - 13 hours 5 min ago

Court confirms government’s contribution to the issue, but judges find they lack power to enforce climate policy decisions

The ninth circuit court of appeals has dismissed a lawsuit brought by 21 youth plaintiffs against the federal government over climate crisis, citing concerns about separation of powers.

The case was brought against the government in 2015, charging that it sanctioned, permitted and authorized a fossil fuel system that compromised the youth plaintiffs’ civil right to property. It implied a constitutional right to a stable climate, and alleged that the government violated the public trust by failing to protect assets held in trust, notably the atmosphere.

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CP Daily: Friday January 17, 2020

Carbon Pulse - 13 hours 7 min ago
A daily summary of our news plus bite-sized updates from around the world.
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US Carbon Pricing Roundup for week ending Jan. 17, 2020

Carbon Pulse - 13 hours 17 min ago
A summary of legislative and regulatory action on carbon pricing and clean energy at the US subnational and federal level taken this week, including developments in Massachusetts, Maryland, and Washington state.
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Environmental Products Trader, Elbow River Marketing – Calgary

Carbon Pulse - 13 hours 32 min ago
The role is as a frontline Environmental Products Trader. The Trader will be expected to work alongside colleagues to build a profitable trade book through obtaining desired short- and medium-term exposures.
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The week in wildlife - in pictures

The Guardian - 14 hours 45 min ago

The pick of the best flora and fauna photos from around the world, including an iguana and an injured leopard

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Too soon to rule out TCI carbon market despite criticism -regulatory sources

Carbon Pulse - 15 hours 9 min ago
The Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) collaborative's future will still hinge on the final design of the cap-and-invest programme in 13 US jurisdictions despite criticism over the initial proposal, regulatory sources told Carbon Pulse.
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Small steps towards a plastic-free world | Letters

The Guardian - 17 hours 14 min ago
Dr Yoriko Otomo on the difficulty of not buying any plastic for a week, and Carol Taylor on a brilliant mobile shop in Derbyshire

Re John Vidal’s article (The solution to the plastic waste crisis? It’s not recycling, Journal, 15 January), after his earlier article on plastic (The plastic polluters won 2019 – and we’re running out of time to stop them, 2 January) I pledged not to buy any plastic for a week. This was eye-opening, as my family discovered that all the apples (and most of the other loose fruit) in our supermarkets had plastic stickers on every piece of fruit. Milk bottles were out (plant milk cartons have plastic tops); as was bread, salt, pasta, cereal (plastic inners) and tofu (entirely encased in plastic). On our second trip out we finally hunted down non-plastic-wrapped yeast to make our own bread. It opened our eyes to what a mountain of plastic we normally cart home in our eco-friendly cloth bags.

This inspired some changes around the house, which has reduced our consumption dramatically. It has had the added benefit of our food being healthier and cheaper. We now shop at Unboxed, a local store selling most essentials – including herbs and spices – without packaging. We make our own plant milk in the blender and bread in the bread maker (this all takes an average of 15 minutes every evening), and tofu with soy beans grown by a local farmer. We now stop before buying anything, and consider the packaging options.

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Spot Trader, Fortum Oyj – Stockholm

Carbon Pulse - 18 hours 20 min ago
We are looking for a Spot Trader to join our Asset Optimisation team in Stockholm. The Asset Optimisation team is part of Physical Trading unit which is responsible for optimizing Fortum’s Hydro, Nuclear and Wind portfolio and trading them on the day-ahead, intraday and ancillary services markets.
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Junior Energy Policy Specialist, APPLiA – Brussels

Carbon Pulse - 18 hours 23 min ago
The successful candidates will work on European Union (EU) advocacy issues and play a supporting role to the the energy team in APPLiA.
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Policy Adviser, Europex – Brussels

Carbon Pulse - 18 hours 26 min ago
The successful candidate will work on a full-time basis in the Europex Secretariat in Brussels and will be part of a small, dynamic team.
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Senior Business Developer, Environmental Markets, World Fuel Services – London

Carbon Pulse - 18 hours 39 min ago
The Senior Business Developer will be responsible for developing and selling Kinect Energy Group’s sustainability and compliance services to new and existing corporations throughout the UK.
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'Resistant' trees planted in Hampshire in ash dieback fight

BBC - Fri, 2020-01-17 23:58
Scientists have identified 3,000 ash trees with suspected resistance to a deadly disease.
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EU Midday Market Update

Carbon Pulse - Fri, 2020-01-17 23:48
EUAs strode to their highest so far this year well above €25 on Friday, bolstered by very solid auction demand and a buoyant energy complex.
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Dinosaur extinction: 'Asteroid strike was real culprit'

BBC - Fri, 2020-01-17 22:50
A team of scientists discounts the idea that large-scale volcanism drove the demise of the dinosaurs.
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Young sea eagle takes up residence among Oxfordshire's red kites

The Guardian - Fri, 2020-01-17 22:39

Bird is one of six released on Isle of Wight as first residents in England for 250 years

It is one of the country’s top predators, with a 2.4-metre (8ft) wingspan and a preference for plucking fish from the ocean.

So a young sea eagle’s choice of landlocked Oxfordshire as its home is unexpected. More surprising still is that the bird has lived for four months almost completely unnoticed by the public close to the M40 and the commuter belt.

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Senior Expert on Emissions Trading System, Human Dynamics

Carbon Pulse - Fri, 2020-01-17 22:20
Project: EU Support for Climate Action in IPA II Beneficiaries – Transition towards the Low Emissions and Climate-Resilient Economy in the Western Balkans and Turkey
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CN Markets: Pilot market data for week ending Jan. 17, 2020

Carbon Pulse - Fri, 2020-01-17 20:52
Closing prices, ranges and volumes for China's regional pilot carbon markets this week.
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Australia’s weekly offset issuance drops below 100k

Carbon Pulse - Fri, 2020-01-17 19:19
After a bumper start to the year, Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator this week only handed out some 60,000 new offsets this week, while the government launched a public consultation on some proposed changes to the carbon credit programme.
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Activists warn of ‘fracking by stealth’ and call for acid fracking ban

The Guardian - Fri, 2020-01-17 16:09

Fears grow companies may use it to get around temporary fracking moratorium

Campaigners have warned that the fracking moratorium announced by the UK government does not apply to acid fracking, a process that involves injecting acid into the earth to dissolve and fracture rock.

More than 500 academics, politicians and campaigners have signed an open letter initiated by Brockham Oil Watch calling on the government to ban the practice over fears companies may use it to get around the moratorium.

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