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Could the UK's tides help wean us off fossil fuels?

Sun, 2023-10-22 09:43
The UK has some of the world's most powerful tides - and is well placed to exploit their power.
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Recycling reforms see separate food waste bins for England

Sat, 2023-10-21 11:15
The government announces new recycling rules but critics say the system is "fundamentally broken".
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Rescue mission for UK rainforests’ weird treasures

Sat, 2023-10-21 10:41
Britain's lush, humid woodlands are home to weird and wonderful lichens not found anywhere else on Earth.
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Orionid meteor shower to light up the skies

Sat, 2023-10-21 01:15
The streaks of light from the debris of Halley's comet will be at their peak on Saturday.
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Gaganyaan: India to launch test flight ahead of sending man into space

Fri, 2023-10-20 20:24
Success of Gaganyaan, India's first manned space mission planned for 2025, will depend on Saturday's launch.
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Rempang Eco-City: 'We will not leave', say the islanders fighting eviction

Fri, 2023-10-20 10:34
Fishing communities on this Indonesian island are locked in a battle with the government over land.
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Christmas hope for turkey farmers as bird flu cases drop

Fri, 2023-10-20 10:29
A fall in the number of avian influenza outbreaks is welcomed by the UK's Christmas turkey farmers.
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Greta Thunberg joins climate protest outside JP Morgan

Thu, 2023-10-19 19:19
The climate activist is part of a Fossil Free London protest at JP Morgan's Canary Wharf office.
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Welsh Water admits illegally spilling sewage for years

Thu, 2023-10-19 09:01
The company released untreated sewage at dozens of sites, including near a bottlenose dolphin habitat.
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India aims to send astronaut to the Moon by 2040

Wed, 2023-10-18 14:52
The country's space goals also include include plans for a space station by 2035.
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Call for more help on heat pumps to meet net zero target

Wed, 2023-10-18 11:33
The government needs to expand subsidies for heat pumps, say its independent advisers on infrastructure.
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Experts call for tighter limits on 'forever chemicals' in water

Wed, 2023-10-18 10:48
A group of leading scientists have said the current levels of PFAS could be damaging to human health.
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Is the UK doing enough to monitor air pollution?

Mon, 2023-10-16 09:04
There are now 555 air quality monitors across the country, but some say they aren't good enough.
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Simon Armitage: Poet laureate on 'life-changing' visit to the Arctic

Sat, 2023-10-14 10:42
Simon Armitage says poets can convey climate change in a way that scientists and journalists can't.
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UK's nuclear fusion site ends experiments after 40 years

Sat, 2023-10-14 09:05
The JET laboratory, the focus of European fusion experiments for decades, carries out its last test.
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UK net zero targets 'harder to achieve' after PM's speech - advisers

Thu, 2023-10-12 21:00
The UK's climate advisers say recent changes to net zero policies make it harder to meet climate goals.
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Schools and NHS caterers ‘must stop’ antibiotic overuse

Thu, 2023-10-12 11:06
Health and animal welfare campaigners say the overuse of antibiotics by UK farmers should be banned.
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Climate change could make beer taste worse

Wed, 2023-10-11 23:11
Study shows quality and quantity of hops - a crucial ingredient - are falling with hotter weather.
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Rare 'skin eating beetle' found on Flat Holm Island

Wed, 2023-10-11 21:31
Scientists believe the species' last stronghold is just four miles from Cardiff.
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Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Horseshoe crab wins gold

Wed, 2023-10-11 11:40
A picture of a mysterious and other-worldly horseshoe crab is this year's top wildlife image.
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