Sustainable Transport - reality or pipe dream?

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017 - 17:30 to 20:00
Rachel Smith and Gerard Reardon
Engineering House, 447 Upper Edward St Brisbane
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In Australia, the transport sector is responsible for over a quarter of our energy consumption, and almost a sixth of greenhouse gas emissions.
Globally, transportation contributes around a seventh of greenhouse gas emissions. Of this approximately two thirds are due to passenger travel and one third is due to freight.
This is an area in which engineers should be leading the way:
• Are we doing enough?
• What more can we do?
Our speakers addressed aspects of transport such as: congestion, fuel vs electricity, public transport, pedal power and urban planning.
Rachel discussed why the Australian Dream has become our biggest nightmare, 5 mistakes society makes and the 7 ‘sticking points’ or factors preventing change.
The diversity of traveller choice now being sought is placing immense pressure on the currency and flexibility of transport policies and the priorities within infrastructure supply programs. Gerard discussed policy and program changes that need to be considered and the challenges and opportunities facing transport planners and traffic engineers.
A panel discussion allowed us all to consider and discuss our current progress and plans.
•What is the status quo in transport engineering, and what does the future hold?
•What influence are technology and climate change policies having on travel choice and consequently transport policies and infrastructure supply?
Rachel Smith Author, Decongestion
Rachel’s transport career spans 18 years across the public and private sectors in the UK and Australia. She has two TEDx talks, is the Author of Decongestion, has spoken in London’s Palace of Westminster’s House of Lords, is on the Smart Cities Task Force, is a Sourceable columnist, was part of the BMW Guggenheim Lab in New York, Berlin and Mumbai (nominated by Enrique Penalosa), created Cycling Super Highways, was retained by the UK Government for 6 years as an expert advisor and was awarded the BP International Road Safety Award.
Gerard Reardon - Director, McCormick Rankin Cagney
Gerard has experience in transportation planning, traffic engineering, road and highway design, and urban development within the public and private sectors in Australia. Since joining MRCagney, Gerard has been involved in many high profile planning and transport projects including the South Brisbane Riverside Renewal Strategy, Boggo Road Urban Village, Edmonton Business and Industry Park, and the Flagstone Master Plan. He has also provided traffic engineering advice on signature projects including the Queensland Children’s Hospital, the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, and the Gold Coast Light Rail.
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Co-hosted by SENG and the Transport Australia Society (TAs)