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‘Southerly busters’ are becoming more frequent but less severe as the climate changes, stirring up east coast weather watchers

The Conversation - Tue, 2024-07-09 06:10
Contrary to popular belief, new research shows the abrupt, often gale force wind changes known as “southerly busters” are becoming more frequent, but less severe, as the climate changes. Milton Speer, Visiting Fellow, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University of Technology Sydney Lance M Leslie, Professor, School of Mathematical And Physical Sciences, University of Technology Sydney Licensed as Creative Commons – attribution, no derivatives.
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As ocean surfaces acidify, a deep-sea acidic zone is expanding: marine habitats are being squeezed

The Conversation - Tue, 2024-07-09 06:09
By the end of the century, half the world’s deep ocean could be acidic – with serious consequences for some marine animals. Mark John Costello, Professor in Marine Biology, Nord University Peter Townsend Harris, Adjunct Professor in Marine Geology, University of Tasmania Licensed as Creative Commons – attribution, no derivatives.
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VCM Report: Summer starts early in the voluntary carbon market with liquidity thin, prices flat

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-07-09 05:45
The usual slowdown of the summer holiday season has already arrived in the voluntary carbon market with few major shifts in price, aside from a jump in nature-based spot contracts, and generally weak trading activity this week.
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LATAM Roundup: New regional players lay carbon pricing groundwork

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-07-09 03:17
Now on a weekly basis, Carbon Pulse rounds up developments in Latin American and Caribbean carbon markets for the week ending July 7, during which new players have emerged and are taking steps to scale their involvement in international markets, while mitigation schemes remain much the same in Colombia and Brazil.
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INTERVIEW: Shippers to start pushing up EU carbon price from 2025, analyst says

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-07-09 02:28
The year 2025 will mark and inflection point in the way maritime companies account for their CO2 emissions, as shippers start realising the consequences of the sector’s inclusion in the EU’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), according to a French academic.
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INTERVIEW: Biochar producer demonstrates soil carbon increase, scales up production

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-07-09 02:18
A biochar producer has demonstrated a 51% increase in soil carbon in field trials with low levels of biochar applied, and expects to open its second production facility in the next month, with sales of biochar removal credits to improve the affordability of biochar for farmers.
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Watchdog investigates Defra over authorisation of bee-killing pesticide

The Guardian - Tue, 2024-07-09 02:07

Neonicotinoid was given emergency clearance under Conservative government in 2023 and 2024

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is being investigated by the environmental watchdog after Conservative ministers authorised a bee-killing pesticide that was banned by the EU.

The investigation into Defra was launched after the campaign group ClientEarth submitted a complaint to the Office for Environmental Protection, which was set up after Brexit to replace the EU’s framework for punishing environmental offences by governments in the bloc. On Monday, the OEP announced it would be investigating the emergency authorisation of a neonicotinoid pesticide in 2023 and 2024.

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French election puts ‘industrial green deal’ in the spotlight across EU

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-07-09 02:03
Sunday's voting result in France suggests an 'industrial green deal' may be just what the EU needs to create a successful political alliance in the aftermath of snap legislative elections called by President Emmanuel Macron.
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Smelly planet 'reeks of rotten eggs'

BBC - Tue, 2024-07-09 01:16
Most of HD 189733 b's atmosphere is hydrogen sulphide, which is also emitted during farts.
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Electric vehicles could help ease Australia’s energy instability by sending power back to the grid

The Guardian - Tue, 2024-07-09 01:00

Researchers say EV models with vehicle-to-grid capability will be a huge and flexible resource able to respond to emergencies

On 13 February, when freak winds brought down a transmission line in Victoria and shut down the state’s largest power station, a fleet of electric cars plugged into a charger in Canberra 500km away stirred.

Within six seconds, 16 vehicles started discharging their batteries, sending power back into the grid. While the contribution – part of a pioneering research project – was minuscule compared with the 90,000 households who lost electricity, the experiment showed how EVs could help ease grid calamities of the future.

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German steelmaker pursues renewable hydrogen

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-07-09 00:53
Germany’s biggest flat steel manufacturer hopes to sign renewable hydrogen contracts from Q1 2025, for first deliveries in 2028 and 143,000 tonnes a year from 2029, according to its head of energy strategy.
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Record-breaking heatwave grips many US states: ‘Avoid time outside of AC’

The Guardian - Tue, 2024-07-09 00:32

Heat warnings or advisories in effect for states on west coast, east coast and south, with more extreme highs forecast

A fierce heatwave that shattered records this weekend will again grip much of the US on Monday, with more than 36 million Americans under excessive heat warnings.

The dangerous temperatures caused the death of a motorcyclist in California’s Death Valley. And they posed challenges for firefighters working in sweltering conditions to battle a series of wildfires across the state.

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Fintech startup adds Islamic finance expert after securing fatwa for voluntary carbon product

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-07-09 00:28
A startup focused on exchange-traded voluntary carbon investment products has hired an Islamic finance professional two months after securing a fatwa establishing that the firm’s product complies with shariah, according to a press release issued Monday.
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Suriname drafts guidelines for developing Paris-aligned carbon credits -media

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-07-09 00:21
Suriname has completed draft national legislation to facilitate carbon trading under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, according to local media.
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INTERVIEW: Rio Tinto’s Serbian lithium mine could help clinch the EU’s climate goals

Carbon Pulse - Mon, 2024-07-08 23:26
Serbia could start supplying the EU with a stable stock of high-grade lithium within four years, helping the bloc produce enough electric vehicles and hit its climate targets, the managing director of Anglo-Australian miner Rio Tinto’s deposit in the country told Carbon Pulse.
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Carbon capture is the big potential of biomethane, says trader

Carbon Pulse - Mon, 2024-07-08 22:27
The EU’s 35 billion cubic metres (bcm) a year target for biomethane in 2030 could deliver 50 million tonnes of negative emissions through carbon capture at the biogas-to-biomethane conversion stage alone, according to one of Europe’s large traders.
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Planted mangroves can store 75% as much carbon as natural ones, study says

Carbon Pulse - Mon, 2024-07-08 21:42
Planted mangrove forests can capture up to three-quarters of the carbon found in natural ones, according to a new paper, which could help better assess how many blue carbon credits can be issued from mangrove restoration projects.
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Euro Markets: Midday Update

Carbon Pulse - Mon, 2024-07-08 21:28
European carbon prices began the week on a positive note as the market rose after Sunday's second round of elections for France's parliament appeared to deal a blow to right-wing parties' hopes of forming a government, but the rally was short-lived and by midday EUAs were again testing support at a key level from last week.
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Labour lifts Tories’ ‘absurd’ ban on onshore windfarms

The Guardian - Mon, 2024-07-08 21:14

Rachel Reeves says she will revise planning policy and decisions should be taken ‘nationally, not locally’

The effective ban on onshore windfarms has been dropped by the Labour government, in news that has delighted environmental and energy experts.

The ban was caused by two footnotes to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), the rules which govern the building of homes and infrastructure.

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