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First ever climate change victory in Europe court

BBC - Tue, 2024-04-09 19:46
The European Court of Human Rights ruled that a group of Swiss women won their climate case.
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FEATURE: EU set to clamp down on methane, but some worry coal emissions will slip through

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-04-09 19:00
The European Parliament is set to approve a widely welcomed law this week designed to reduce potent methane emissions from the EU’s energy sector — although some worry it doesn’t go far enough to plug pollution from vast abandoned coal mines. 
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Lula is styling himself as the new leader of the global south – and shifting attention away from the west | Jordana Timerman

The Guardian - Tue, 2024-04-09 19:00

Through the G20, Brazil’s president is challenging the dominance of the richest countries. This year will be a huge test of his strategy

The world stage often seems sepia-toned, dominated by the dusty international structures of the post-second world war era, favouring the world’s richest countries. However, it is increasingly clear that this setup isn’t sufficient to respond to the interests of the global south, including combating climate breakdown and expanding economic development.

Recognising this mismatch, Brazil under President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has positioned itself as an international leader, focused on the agenda of emerging economic powers who prize stability, and in fact have much to lose from conflict and power struggles between rich countries.

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Japanese heavyweights partner in SAF, BECCS project

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-04-09 18:49
A Japanease oil and gas company has joined a trading house and bioenergy hopeful to produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) via a biomass project on the US Gulf Coast, where the bulk of its LNG exports depart.
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NZ Market: NZU price inches lower as market has lost its floor, companies join ag emissions partnership with govt

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-04-09 18:42
The NZU price has fallen 6% this week, with market participants saying there is nothing stopping it from sinking lower as a result of weak demand and a lack of policy direction coming from the government.
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Philippines registry operator sets up partnership to pave way for green hydrogen ITMO trades

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-04-09 18:05
The operator of the Philippines’ national carbon registry has teamed up with a Brisbane-based company to promote green hydrogen solutions, as part of a strategy to encourage the creation and trading of Paris-aligned carbon credits.
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New reporting software aims to help companies comply with EU corporate sustainability rules

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-04-09 17:00
A climate software firm is launching a new tool to help companies report under the EU's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which will see more than 50,000 companies worldwide submit new sustainability data to Brussels.
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Chinese steelmaker begins carbon trading simulation as ETS expansion nears

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-04-09 16:43
One of the largest steelmakers in China has begun to simulate carbon trading under the national emissions trading scheme, as the government prepares to bring steel to the world's largest CO2 market.
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Investors are failing to hold directors to account for climate risk, report finds

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-04-09 15:50
So-called responsible investors are shirking their duties to push for company directors with better climate policy, according to a report released Tuesday.
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Fears opencast mine could become dangerous lake

BBC - Tue, 2024-04-09 15:31
Locals say they have "grave concerns" over rising water levels at the Ffos-y-Fran opencast site.
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England could produce 13 times more renewable energy, using less than 3% of land – analysis

The Guardian - Tue, 2024-04-09 15:00

Onshore wind and solar could provide 226GWh of electricity without impairing food production, says Friends of the Earth

England could produce 13 times more renewable energy than it does now, while using less than 3% of its land, analysis has found.

Onshore wind and solar projects could provide enough electricity to power all the households in England two and a half times over, the research by Exeter University, commissioned by Friends of the Earth (FoE), suggested.

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World’s biggest economies pumping billions into fossil fuels in poor nations

The Guardian - Tue, 2024-04-09 14:00

G20 countries spent $142bn in three years to expand operations despite a G7 pledge to stop doing so, study finds

The world’s biggest economies have continued to finance the expansion of fossil fuels in poor countries to the tune of billions of dollars, despite their commitments on the climate.

The G20 group of developed and developing economies, and the multilateral development banks they fund, put $142bn (£112bn) into fossil fuel developments overseas from 2020 to 2022, according to estimates compiled by the campaigning groups Oil Change International (OCI) and Friends of the Earth US.

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Private land conservation group fears Australia is weakening its nature targets

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-04-09 13:19
The Australian government appears to be downgrading its biodiversity conservation targets, a peak nature body has warned, based on information in a recent consultation.
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Tenth consecutive monthly heat record alarms and confounds climate scientists

The Guardian - Tue, 2024-04-09 12:00

If the anomaly does not stabilise by August, ‘the world will be in uncharted territory’, says climate expert

Another month, another global heat record that has left climate scientists scratching their heads and hoping this is an El Niño-related hangover rather than a symptom of worse-than-expected planetary health.

Global surface temperatures in March were 0.1C higher than the previous record for the month, set in 2016, and 1.68C higher than the pre-industrial average, according to data released on Tuesday by the Copernicus Climate Change Service.

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Record hot March sparks 'unchartered territory' fears

BBC - Tue, 2024-04-09 12:00
Monthly hot streak continues in March with scientists struggling to explain the scale of recent heating.
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