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CAR Argentina Livestock Protocol not implementable -scientist

Carbon Pulse - Thu, 2024-06-06 03:22
The Climate Action Reserve (CAR) standard’s pending protocol to tackle emissions from Argentina’s vast beef herds and other livestock cannot be implemented in a scientifically robust way under local conditions, an applied scientist at a national research institute told Carbon Pulse on Tuesday at the Argentina Carbon Forum in Buenos Aires.
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Fossil fuel firms are 'godfathers of climate chaos', says UN chief – video

The Guardian - Thu, 2024-06-06 03:10

The secretary general of the UN said fossil fuel companies should be banned from advertising in every country, akin to the restrictions on big tobacco. António Guterres delivered fresh scientific warnings of global heating in a major speech in New York. He called on news and tech media to stop enabling 'planetary destruction' by taking fossil fuel firms' advertising money, while warning that the world faces 'climate crunch time' in its faltering attempts to stem the crisis

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Malawi gives go-ahead to project to distribute 2 mln clean cooking stoves

Carbon Pulse - Thu, 2024-06-06 01:58
A developer of clean cooking appliances and carbon offset projects has received authorisation to begin carbon projects in Malawi, it announced on Wednesday.
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Offtake agreements key to bridging CDR financing gap -report

Carbon Pulse - Thu, 2024-06-06 01:53
Offtake agreements could play a critical role in bridging the financing gap in the carbon dioxide removal (CDR) market, provided that they include detailed information on pricing as well as safeguards for buyers and investors, according to a new report.
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EU council introduces further requirements for climate-related claims reliant on carbon credits in latest draft text

Carbon Pulse - Thu, 2024-06-06 01:44
The Council of EU member states is working to adopt its position on an anti-greenwashing law proposed by the European Commission, with the latest text seen by Carbon Pulse clarifying further requirements for companies to back up climate-related claims that rely on carbon credits.
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Boeing launches long-delayed astronaut capsule

BBC - Thu, 2024-06-06 01:15
US astronauts ride a new crew capsule to orbit after a long and tortuous development programme.
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Clean power can cover 90% of EU industry’s future energy needs, study says

Carbon Pulse - Thu, 2024-06-06 01:06
Direct electrification of process heat used to make steel, chemicals and other industrial goods could meet 90% of the remaining energy demand from European industry that has not yet been electrified by 2035, according to a new study.
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DATA DIVE – Big spenders: Where does the EU channel its ETS revenues?

Carbon Pulse - Thu, 2024-06-06 01:00
The EU ETS has helped bring down emissions from power and industry by 47% since 2005, and the money raised each year through the auctioning of carbon permits brings in a substantial amount of income to the bloc, with billions channeled towards clean energy projects, data shows.
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Tiger shark regurgitates whole echidna, leaving Australian scientists ‘stunned’

The Guardian - Thu, 2024-06-06 01:00

Mammal was likely swimming between Queensland islands when it ‘just got unlucky and got snapped’ – spikes and all – in apparent world-first

The last thing a group of scientists busy tagging marine animals along the coast of north Queensland expected to see was a shark regurgitate a fully intact echidna – but that is exactly what happened.

In what is believed to be a world-first, researchers from James Cook University, including former PhD student Dr Nicolas Lubitz, were tagging marine wildlife off the coast of Orpheus Island between Townsville and Lucinda in May 2022.

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‘Godfathers of climate chaos’: UN chief urges global fossil-fuel advertising ban

The Guardian - Thu, 2024-06-06 00:44

António Guterres warns of ‘climate crunch time’ and announces dire new scientific warnings of global heating

Fossil-fuel companies are the “godfathers of climate chaos” and should be banned in every country from advertising akin to restrictions on big tobacco, the secretary general of the United Nations has said while delivering dire new scientific warnings of global heating.

In a major speech in New York on Wednesday, António Guterres called on news and tech media to stop enabling “planetary destruction” by taking fossil-fuel advertising money while warning the world faces “climate crunch time” in its faltering attempts to stem the crisis.

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Giant, invasive joro spiders to spread on US east coast – but pose no huge threat

The Guardian - Thu, 2024-06-06 00:04

The venomous spiders native to east Asia look frightening, but are reportedly shy creatures

The US north-east is bracing for yet another pest invasion – this time, giant venomous spiders – as scientists warn that the gag-inducing arachnids are set to advance this summer.

The joro spider, an invasive species from east Asia, will be making a larger appearance in New York, New Jersey and other eastern US states as the summer season heats up.

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Global warming caused by humans at all-time high, carbon budget shrinks, say scientists

Carbon Pulse - Wed, 2024-06-05 23:49
Human-induced global warming is rising faster than ever, leaving the smallest remaining carbon budget for 1.5C on record, an international group of researchers calculated.
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Closing the nature finance gap could produce over 20 times return on investment, UNEP says

Carbon Pulse - Wed, 2024-06-05 23:06
Increasing funding in natural capital over the next six years could deliver more than 20 times the return on investment, while bridging the nature finance gap could generate trillions of dollars in earnings, a report revealed on Wednesday.
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Nearly half of journalists covering climate crisis globally received threats for their work

The Guardian - Wed, 2024-06-05 23:00

Groundbreaking new research also reports that 11% of surveyed have faced physical violence in their reporting

Almost four out of every 10 journalists covering the climate crisis and environment issues have been threatened as a result of their work, with 11% subjected to physical violence, according to groundbreaking new research.

A global survey of more than 740 reporters and editors from 102 countries found that 39% of those threatened “sometimes” or “frequently” were targeted by people engaged in illegal activities such as logging and mining. Some 30%, meanwhile, were threatened with legal action – reflecting a growing trend towards corporations and governments deploying the judicial system to muzzle free speech.

This article was amended on 5 June 2024 to clarify that 39% of those threatened “sometimes” or “frequently” were targeted by people engaged in illegal activities. A previous version incorrectly said 49%.

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Euro Markets: Midday Update

Carbon Pulse - Wed, 2024-06-05 21:12
European carbon prices were modestly weaker at the end of Wednesday morning after earlier volatility had seen the market swing in a more than €2 range, as traders reacted to choppy natural gas movements and Commitment of Traders data that showed investment funds had increased their bearish bets last week.
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BRIEFING: In Argentine carbon markets, Milei’s vision of constructive chaos meets real-world limits

Carbon Pulse - Wed, 2024-06-05 21:04
Argentina's President Javier Milei has proposed an ETS and promoted administrative reshuffling, including of climate-adjacent agencies, as part of his government’s attempt to overhaul the country's economy, but pushback to his flagship legislation, acute financial constraints, and risk aversion in the voluntary carbon market (VCM) threaten his plans.
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Group of African countries calls on SBTi to support corporate offsetting -Reuters

Carbon Pulse - Wed, 2024-06-05 20:59
A group of West African countries has appealed to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) to include a provision for carbon offsetting within its net zero guidance to companies, saying that credit revenues are crucial to supporting communities and conservation efforts.
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China on track to beat green hydrogen production target -research

Carbon Pulse - Wed, 2024-06-05 20:10
China is on track to surpass its 2025 green hydrogen production target already this year, according to research released Wednesday.
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Verra inactivates ARR modules under REDD+ voluntary carbon methodology

Carbon Pulse - Wed, 2024-06-05 19:42
Verra has inactivated all afforestation, reforestation, and revegetation (ARR) modules under its VM0007 REDD+ methodology framework, it announced this week.
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