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Financial institutions band together to advance biodiversity-related risk assessments

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-07-02 23:56
A group of financial institutions and consultancies have joined forces with a research institute to improve the assessment of biodiversity-related risks and opportunities to the financial sector, including estimating the economic impact of nature loss.
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Egyptian carbon tax expected by year’s end -media

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-07-02 23:39
The Egyptian cabinet is in the final stages of drafting carbon tax legislation under its forthcoming 2024-30 tax policy strategy, with the final version expected before the end of the year, according to Egyptian media sources.
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Canadian nature conservation certificate programme to remain small, expert says

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-07-02 23:14
Canada’s pilot for enabling companies to earn government-issued certificates for conservation achievements will remain small scale, an expert has predicted.
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New metric proposed to help tackle long-distance travel emissions

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-07-02 23:13
Long-distance travel is a disproportionately large contributor to the UK’s transport-related carbon emissions, researchers have found, prompting them to propose a new new metric to evaluate the effectiveness of reducing travel demand on CO2 output.
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Port infrastructure delays threaten UK’s transition to net zero, industry says

The Guardian - Tue, 2024-07-02 21:54

Dropoff in government approvals put billions of investment in offshore wind schemes at risk, ports bodies warn

The UK’s transition to net zero is under threat as delays in approving new infrastructure put billions of pounds of investment in offshore wind schemes and other vital upgrades at risk, big ports have said.

The British Ports Association (BPA) has written to the government and Labour calling for action to clear the backlog of harbour orders, the legislation needed for ports to make infrastructure changes to support offshore wind projects.

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European agtech firm secures €10 million in Series A2 funding round

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-07-02 21:38
A European agtech firm has secured €10 million in a second round of funding to boost its network of soil carbon removals projects, and plans to raise another €2-4 mln this year.
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Euro Markets: Midday Update

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-07-02 21:31
European carbon allowances were little changed at midday on Tuesday amid broadly stable energy prices, as traders reported a "boring" market that reflected the onset of the summer holiday season, while UK allowance trading slowed down as participants began to focus on Thursday's general election.
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Malaysia says will ensure carbon credit exports don’t undermine NDC targets

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-07-02 21:03
The Malaysian government will make sure that its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) goals are not undermined by the sale of carbon credits abroad, the country’s natural resources minister told parliament Tuesday.
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Lidl partners with WWF to improve biodiversity conservation across its supply chain

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-07-02 20:40
German-headquartered retailer Lidl has partnered with conservation organisation WWF to enhance biodiversity protection throughout its value chain across 31 countries.
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Taiwan finalises rules on domestic carbon credit trading

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-07-02 19:52
Taiwan has finalised regulations for the trading of domestically issued emissions reductions units, as the island seeks to complement a proposed carbon levy scheme that will be introduced in the next few years.
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Consortium launches cookstoves carbon methodology for projects under Article 6, voluntary markets

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-07-02 19:32
The Clean Cooking & Climate Consortium (4C), led by the Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA), has released a new methodology for crediting emissions reductions from cooking projects hoping to lend credibility to the market and boost investor confidence.
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Climate NGOs hit out at voluntary carbon offsets, call for outright ban

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-07-02 19:15
More than 80 non-profits have called for a carbon offset ban in climate regulations and company guidelines, arguing that they distract corporates from real decarbonisation.
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US-based soil carbon firm exploring sale options amid challenging voluntary market conditions

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-07-02 19:01
A US-based soil carbon removals platform has put itself up for sale amid challenges in the wider voluntary market, Carbon Pulse has learned.
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Biden unveils rules to protect millions of US workers from extreme heat

The Guardian - Tue, 2024-07-02 19:00

Proposal would create first federal standard for workplace exposure to extreme heat, which kills hundreds each year

The Biden administration has unveiled a long-awaited proposal to protect workers from extreme temperatures. If finalized, the rule will establish the nation’s first-ever federal safety standard for excessive heat exposure in the workplace and protect as many as 36 million indoor and outdoor workers.

Announced on Tuesday amid temperature warnings across the country, the rule would require employers to establish a heat safety coordinators, undergo extreme heat safety training, create and regularly update emergency heat response plans, and provide workers with shade and water.

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US firms launch new voluntary soil carbon methodology

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-07-02 18:56
Two US companies have unveiled a new soil carbon methodology that will credit farmers for implementing sustainable practices as well as the resulting removal and storage of CO2.
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China proposes modest reductions in long-awaited 2023-24 ETS allowance allocation plan

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-07-02 18:15
China's environment ministry is proposing moderate reductions in the number of CO2 allowances it will hand out for 2023 and 2024 in the national emissions trading scheme compared to the previous trading period and provide more clarity on permit carryover rules, according to a draft allocation plan released Tuesday.
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‘Not just for fuddy-duddies’: interest in moths booming as species struggle

The Guardian - Tue, 2024-07-02 18:00

A moth garden at Hampton Court Palace shows off plants that can be grown to help the insects, which are threatened by habitat loss

Everyone loves bees and butterflies, but now moths are coming into the spotlight (as long as they don’t fly around it).

The moth expert Charles Waters has seen a surprisingly rapid increase in interest in moths from the younger generation as, he believes, people become more aware of their beauty and diversity, as well as their importance as pollinators.

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Indonesia targeting 15 CCS projects to be operational by 2030

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-07-02 17:43
The Indonesia government aims to have 15 CCS/CCUS projects online by 2030, its Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource announced Tuesday, as the country continues to see it as integral plank of achieving its climate goals, while at the same time allowing its oil and gas sector to continue to grow.
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Just 15 centimetres of water can float a car – but we are failing to educate drivers about the dangers of floodwaters

The Conversation - Tue, 2024-07-02 15:35
Understanding what to do when faced with flooding on the road is an important, yet often overlooked aspect of driver education, which could be the difference between life and death. Amy Peden, NHMRC Research Fellow, School of Population Health & co-founder UNSW Beach Safety Research Group, UNSW Sydney Kyra Hamilton, Associate Professor in Applied Psychology, Griffith University Licensed as Creative Commons – attribution, no derivatives.
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South Korea, Vietnam establish joint committee on climate change cooperation

Carbon Pulse - Tue, 2024-07-02 15:31
South Korea and Vietnam have established a joint committee to foster collaboration on climate change as they move to deepen their relationship on issues such as compliance carbon markets and projects generating credits under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.
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