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Toxic gas putting millions at risk in Middle East, BBC finds

Tue, 2023-11-28 11:39
The BBC finds that the UAE, hosts of the COP28 climate summit, are breaking their own ban on gas flaring.
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The t-shirt chewing enzyme ready to tackle plastic waste

Tue, 2023-11-28 10:03
A French start-up is ready to use an enzyme which can break down plastic on an industrial scale.
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COP28: UAE planned to use climate talks to make oil deals

Mon, 2023-11-27 16:00
Leaked documents show how the COP28 host planned to use its role to strike fossil fuel business deals.
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Your chocolate bar - my family's struggle

Sat, 2023-11-25 19:58
Young science writer of the year award-winner delves into the environmental challenges of cocoa farming
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'I thought climate change was a hoax. Now I teach it'

Fri, 2023-11-24 11:59
Sarah Ott spent years as a climate change sceptic - now she's an advocate for clean energy.
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A23a: World's biggest iceberg on the move after 30 years

Fri, 2023-11-24 11:55
A giant ice block more than twice the size on Greater London is on the move, years after its formation.
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COP28 ‘moment of truth’ for oil industry, says energy boss

Thu, 2023-11-23 13:41
The International Energy Agency says the sector must choose between worsening the climate crisis or helping solve it.
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Blue whales: Ocean giants return to 'safe' tropical haven

Thu, 2023-11-23 12:45
A year-long study finds the animals are back in the Seychelles where they were hunted in the 1960s.
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Climate change: Rise in Google searches around ‘anxiety’

Wed, 2023-11-22 11:01
Google search queries for “climate anxiety” rise dramatically, data given exclusively to BBC 100 Women suggests.
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Climate change: The villagers building 100ft ice towers

Wed, 2023-11-22 10:39
The people of Ladakh in the Indian Himalayas have used maths to solve a water shortage.
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‘Stressed jellyfish’ reveal dangers of seabed mining

Wed, 2023-11-22 02:00
An experiment with a common jellyfish has revealed the potential harm of seabed mining on creatures in the deep.
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Rise in reported sickness cases from water-users

Tue, 2023-11-21 23:01
The annual report from Surfers Against Sewage found a rise in water-users reporting being unwell.
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Extreme weather 'biggest threat' to UK heritage

Mon, 2023-11-20 10:14
The National Trust says climate change-linked extreme weather is now the biggest threat to its sites.
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Don Walsh: The man who made the deepest ever dive

Sun, 2023-11-19 10:50
The remarkable story of Captain Don Walsh and his 11km journey to the bottom of the Mariana Trench.
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Elon Musk's Starship rocket goes further and higher - but is then lost

Sun, 2023-11-19 02:09
The rocket's flight was again cut short because of technical issues, but previous problems were fixed.
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Elon Musk's Starship rocket to make second flight

Sat, 2023-11-18 18:51
The vehicle's maiden flight in April ended when it exploded four minutes after leaving the ground.
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Climate change: Is the world warming faster than expected?

Sat, 2023-11-18 10:35
Temperature records crumbled across the world this year, raising questions over the pace of global warming.
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Climate change: Fewer wild swans returning to UK in winter

Fri, 2023-11-17 11:45
Wild swans are stopping off further north as winters become milder, experts say.
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Leonid meteor shower: When, where and how to catch a glimpse of the shooting stars

Fri, 2023-11-17 11:40
The best chance of catching a glimpse is in the early hours of Saturday and Sunday.
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Iceland: Helicopter footage shows giant cracks in earth

Fri, 2023-11-17 05:52
BBC correspondent flies over the Reykjanes Peninsula, where volcanic activity has been concentrated.
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