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Updated: 2 hours 42 min ago

Iceland volcano: Peninsula faces 'decades' of instability

Thu, 2023-11-16 10:32
Eruptions on the south-western Reykjanes Peninsula may mark a new cycle, warn Icelandic meteorologists.
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Somalia floods: Bodies unearthed and bridges swept away

Thu, 2023-11-16 10:26
Graveyards, bridges and harvests are swept away in the worst floods to hit Somalia in a century.
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Climate change: US and China take 'small but important steps'

Wed, 2023-11-15 21:51
Progress seen in climate talks between world's two biggest carbon emitters but major hurdles remain.
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Bird of Century: Pūteketeke wins NZ poll after campaign by John Oliver

Wed, 2023-11-15 10:57
The pūteketeke won after the US talk show host's self-described "alarmingly aggressive" campaign.
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AI could predict hurricane landfall sooner - report

Wed, 2023-11-15 01:01
A Google DeepMind tool predicted where one would hit three days ahead of existing methods.
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Iceland volcano: Evacuees return to collect belongings

Tue, 2023-11-14 09:28
Residents of a fishing port remain on edge as scientists say a volcanic eruption is still imminent.
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Delhi AQI: Can artificial rain fix toxic air in India's capital?

Tue, 2023-11-14 08:07
The Delhi government wants to use cloud-seeding to combat the city's pollution crisis.
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Iceland volcano: what will the impact be?

Tue, 2023-11-14 00:09
An eruption is thought imminent but its impact depends on where magma breaches the surface.
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Fagradalsfjall: Iceland declares emergency over volcano eruption concerns

Sat, 2023-11-11 14:33
Thousands are asked to evacuate from a town in the southwest over fears magma has spread underground.
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Earthshot Prize: Asia leads the way in quest to repair planet

Sat, 2023-11-11 11:16
Winners each awarded $1.2m at environmental awards founded by Prince William, and held in Asia for the first time.
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Euclid space mission pictures dark universe

Fri, 2023-11-10 17:35
The Euclid telescope will spend six years in space, creating a 3D map of galaxies formed around 10 billion years ago. Find out more here.
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First ever images prove 'lost echidna' not extinct

Fri, 2023-11-10 10:54
Expedition captures first ever footage of spiky egg-laying mammal that walked with dinosaurs.
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Japan volcano: Plumes of smoke as new island emerges after eruption

Fri, 2023-11-10 05:29
The island has already shrunk slightly as waves hit the "crumbly" formation.
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John Oliver ruffles feathers in New Zealand's Bird of the Century election

Fri, 2023-11-10 04:42
The US chat show host's support of the pūteketeke is creating an international PR battle.
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Lightning fires threaten planet-cooling forests

Fri, 2023-11-10 02:00
Study shows that rising temperatures will boost lightning as the main source of fires in northern forests.
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Komfo Anokye kola tree: Ghana outrage after 300-year-old tree felled

Fri, 2023-11-10 01:59
The famous tree dates back to 17th Century Ghana and was reportedly planted by a renowned priest.
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UK forests face 'catastrophic ecosystem collapse'

Wed, 2023-11-08 22:39
A mass die-off of trees could happen in the next 50 years unless action is taken, warn experts.
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'Virtually certain' that 2023 will be warmest year after October record

Wed, 2023-11-08 13:00
The last five months have "obliterated" temperature records, linked to carbon emissions and El Niño.
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Why did a dog in Newmarket end up nursing a litter of kittens?

Wed, 2023-11-08 11:39
A biologist says while unusual, cross-species adoptions happen when animals respond to certain cues.
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Euclid telescope: First images revealed from 'dark Universe' mission

Tue, 2023-11-07 23:32
Europe's Euclid telescope begins its quest to map the cosmos and reveal its missing components.
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