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The Science Show and Ockham's Razor have always brought us commentary on the environment and climate change. Now Off Track takes us out to feel the breeze. Special features can also be found on Background Briefing and our other current affairs regulars: Breakfast, RN Drive, and the weekend Extras.
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Australia Talks talkback: how do you feel about the future?

Tue, 2019-10-08 08:06
The ABC has conducted the Australia Talks National Survey, where 54,000 Australians were surveyed to find out how they are feeling on a range of topics and issues. When it comes to the future, Australians are generally optimistic about our individual futures, less optimistic about the future of the country and generally pessimistic about the future of the world. But why is that? And should we reframe how we think about the future?
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Report throws doubt on value of Murray-Darling Basin dams

Tue, 2019-10-08 05:35
A new report released by the Australia Institute today is questioning the value of dams built in the Murray Darling Basin in recent years.
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Climate Extinction protests heat up

Mon, 2019-10-07 17:35
Anti-climate change protestors are planning a week of chaos in some of the country's biggest cities in a bid to highlight the threat of climate change.
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Shadow Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus on climate protests Syria and press freedom

Mon, 2019-10-07 17:06
As temperatures soar across parts of the country, climate activists are turning up the heat on State and Federal Governments to declare a climate emergency.
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Offshore architecture and marine urban sprawl

Sun, 2019-10-06 09:30
There’s a new emphasis on land reclamation and building floating structures for everything from accommodation to marine farming to energy generation. Re-defining the use of the ocean is part of the emerging “blue economy” – one that can be both economically beneficial and environmentally responsible. How well can these often contradictory goals be reconciled?
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Lignin a possible basis for new bioplastics

Sat, 2019-10-05 12:37
Unlike plastics produced from petrochemicals, bioplastics would be biodegradable and not bring with them the environmental problems associated with current plastics.
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Magpie behaviour is not black and white

Sat, 2019-10-05 05:30
[RE-ISSUE] The phrase 'mate for life' might seem romantic, but the reality of such a relationship for the long-lived Australian Magpie involves turf wars, sex on the side and the possibility of a step-parent bringing up your kids if you get too aggro.
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Is feeding birds Australia's most guilty pleasure?

Fri, 2019-10-04 09:28
'Dont feed the birds!', Australians have those four words drilled into them from a young age. But urban ecologist Darryl Jones says more than half the country feeds birds anyway, and this no tolerance approach is doing more harm than good. Professor Jones argues there is a way to feed wild birds without causing damage.
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Digging for history on the Thames

Thu, 2019-10-03 22:40
Lara Maiklem talks to Phillip about her life as a modern 'mudlark' scouring for archaeological treasures along the banks of the Thames.
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Extinction rebels defend their actions in face of criticism from Peter Dutton

Thu, 2019-10-03 18:35
Two members of the Extinction Rebellion movement speak to RN Drive about what's motivating them to take part in demonstrations and why they will continue to risk arrest at protests.
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Greens leader Richard Di Natale defends right to protest

Thu, 2019-10-03 18:06
Greens leader Richard Di Natale has defended protesters as Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton hits out at climate change demonstrators disrupting traffic in Brisbane.
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Climate action about engagement, not divestment: Damian Graham

Thu, 2019-10-03 06:51
Damian Graham from not-for-profit superannuation fund First State Super says early work from carbon emitters is encouraging, but that "far more" must be done.
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Victoria rejects call for new dams

Wed, 2019-10-02 18:15
Victoria has responded with a firm "no" to pressure from the Federal Government to build more dams, as Australia faces the threat of serious water shortages over summer.
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Australia's marine ecosystems absorb 20 million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year

Tue, 2019-10-01 19:06
Scientists have revealed that Australian seagrass, mangrove and salt marshes absorb 20 million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.
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Climate change litigation targets super fund

Tue, 2019-10-01 17:30
In a world first, a 24 year-old Brisbane man is taking legal action against his superannuation fund for not factoring climate change into its investment decision. This month the case against REST, the Retail Employees Superannuation Trust, will be back before the Federal Court, where the Judge is expected to set a hearing date.
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Law Report with Damien Carrick

Tue, 2019-10-01 08:54
In a world first, a 23-year-old Brisbane man is taking legal action against his superannuation fund for not factoring climate change into its investment decision.
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Rural News Highlights

Sat, 2019-09-28 06:05
Live sheep trade resumes, water tensions boil over, hunting study released, multiple cow births.
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Saving the Ocean, part 4 [re-issue]

Sat, 2019-09-28 05:30
What can science do to preserve marine life and help it develop in harmony with our own human development? This program is a re-issue from the Off Track archives while Ann takes a short break.
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What would you do to get over your fear of sharks?

Fri, 2019-09-27 09:31
Like many Australians, whenever journalist Callum Denness, dipped a toe into the ocean, he’d be struck by a paralysing fear of sharks. But, after realising how irrational his fear was, Callum decided to do whatever he could to confront it head on.
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Scott Morrison pledges leadership on recycling

Fri, 2019-09-27 06:51
Scott Morrison has copped criticism about his address to the UN General Assembly but recycling advocates have welcomed his focus on reducing waste.
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