Engineers Australia Submissions

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As part of SENG's efforts to strengthen our  voice and influence within  Engineers Australia and encouraging EA to take  a leadership role in relation to sustainability issues the following actions have been undertaken.


Advancing Climate Action in Queensland, making the transition to a low carbon future

September 2016

This EA submission was made in response to the Queensland Government discussion paper Advancing Queensland Climate: Making the transition to a low carbon future (4.34MB).

Download the submission.

Setting Australia's Post-2020 Target for Greenhouse Gas Emissions

April 2015

This submission is based on Engineers Australia formal policy position on climate change which was updated and reinforced in November 2014. Engineers Australia has held strong views on climate change and sustainable resource use for over three decades.

Download the full paper

Sustainability Policy and Climate Change Policy

November 2014

Following extensive contribution by Sustainable Engineering Society members and collaboration with the College of Environmental Engineers, Engineers Australia’s policy positions on sustainability and climate change have been updated.

In November 2014 Engineers Australia adopted two new policy statements:

Engineers Australia have also gained some press coverage on the issue "Engineers Australia commits to low-carbon future"

If you have ideas to contribute to promoting sustainability through any of the avenues above, feel free to get in touch with Alice Howe, Chair of the Society at or your local Chapter representative.

Discussion Paper submitted to EA Congress: Climate Change Policy - Public Position

November 2013

The submission advocates that Engineers Australia take an active role in public debate concerning Australia's response to climate change, especially in the light of the recent IPCC fifth assessment report released in September 2013. Engineers are crucial to developing and implementing systems to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Moreover, our code of ethics oblige us to act first and foremost, in the interests of the community now and in the future.
It is argued that the price on carbon and the agencies created under the previous government's clean energy package be retained; that Australia should adopt ambitious emission reduction targets and that the need to phase out fossil fuel mining in the longer term be recognised.

Download the full discussion paper.

Sustainable Engineering Society members support Engineers Australia Policy Forum - Communities of Practice

Engineers Australia (EA) has created an on line forum to enable engineers to discuss important policy issues in the lead up to the federal election. The forum (accessible to EA members at, provides an opportunity for engineers to influence EA policy. Issues of national importance will be featured and comments and feedback sought from members.

SENG members have contributed topics to the forum as listed below: