Policy and Media

Fri, 2016-02-26 00:53 -- adminssee

One of the outcomes of our Code Red  Workshops is that engineers need  to strengthen their voice and influence with Government to play a greater leadership role in shaping regulation, policy and legislation. They should also be more involved in community education and influencing behaviour change.  

SENG is actively trying to achieve this by reviewing and responding to government policies, position statements and other independant reports.  

SENG is also activilty involved in influencing Engineers Australia Policy.  Professor David Hood, an SENG member, issued the following statement on Climate Change and Sustainability during his term as the National President of Engineers Australia, in 2012:

"The impacts of human activity, including climate change, the loss of ecosystem services, and the current mass extinction of the earth's species that is now well documented, are all compounding to such an extent that a disruption to our economic system now seems inevitable.  The Club of Rome, a group of scientists, anthropologists, economists, and business experts published a major report in 1972, "Limits to Growth", which pointed out that continued economic growth on a finite planet was simply impossible.  Subsequent research over the past decade has shown that the Club of Rome was right.  The natural systems of our planet are now unable to repair or restore the damage that our economic growth is causing.  To avert this impending disruption a major change in our lifestyles and our economic construct will be necessary.

We must either marshal the political will to substantially reverse the damage we have caused, and are continuing to cause, or face the disruption and somehow survive it.  In either situation, new ways of thinking and new economic constructs will be necessary, and engineers working collaboratively with others will be central to finding and implementing the solutions for society."

SENG strongly supports this statement.