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The Western Australian (WA) Chapter of SENG is affiliated with the WA Division of Engineers Australia, based in Murray St, West Perth. The WA Chapter holds regular seminars on a wide range of environmental and sustainability related topics.

In 2018 a revitalised WA Chapter Committee is concentrating on delivering a solid and varied seminar program and on increasing the value that we provide to environmental engineering and sustainability students in WA.

Upcoming Events 2019

Engineers Australia Young Environmental Engineer of the Year

Less than one month until nominations close for Engineers Australia's Young Environmental Engineer of the Year award. If you’re a passionate young environmental engineer, nominate here

Engineering resilience to green biotechnology (Non-SENGWA/EA event)

Tuesday 2 April 2019 3pm-4pm

Location: 147 Underwood Avenue, Floreat, WA

*There is no cost to attend this event

This presentation will focus on the on-going research activities in engineering acidophiles, the microorganisms commonly used in biomining (the process of extracting metals from ores or waste by using microorganisms). With the increasing number of extremophile genomes being sequenced, and in combination with the cutting-edge genome engineering tools, new extremophile chassis can be re-programmed. At present, we are engineering more tolerant acidophiles for biomining processes, aiming to increase the productivity of mineral leaching in the presence of contaminants, such as heavy metals and chloride. A combination of experimental microbial engineering and computational metabolic modelling will be used to construct new extremophiles for other synthetic biology applications.

Future Earth Australia

Future Earth Australia welcomes submissions from government, practitioners, industry, the private sector, NGOs, civil society and academia on our 'Urban Systems Transformation for Sustainable Development Outcomes' consultation process. Your submission will inform our collective strategy due for publication in June 2019.

We are looking for submissions that engage with one of more of the following themes:

Developing shared urban visions, goals and indicators;
Collaborative governance and decision making;
Identification of high leverage urban transformation issues and opportunities
More effective stakeholder and community engagement and influence;
Co-produced knowledge development, usage and learning;
Identification of high priority knowledge gaps, issues and opportunities; and
Other elements of an urban vision and strategy for Australia.
Your input may be drawn from, or relevant to, any spatial scale (from local to international). Actual case studies or examples are also of particular interest.

More information here

SENG Student Awards WA for 2018

The Sustainable Engineering Society (SEng) is now seeking final submissions for the WA Undergraduate Student Awards 2018.

Final Year Student projects from any disciple may be accepted, including from non-engineers, with successful projects having a strong focus on engineering, environmental responsibility and sustainability. Winning students will be presented with a certificate, and entered into the National competition, competing to present at SENG's biennial National Conference with flights and accommodation provided up to the value of $2,500.

To enter, please email the WASEng Awards Coordinator at SENG@engineersaustralia.org.au

Details on the awards are provided at the links below:

National Award: https://www.seng.org.au/node/106

WA UG Awards page or here for Chapters for further information https://www.seng.org.au/sites/default/files/u1374/StudentPrize_Guideline...

Please include

-Author Contact details

-1 page report summary as per National guidelines.

-A copy of the project report

-Any ppt presentation files, if available

Please note entries close on the Thursday 28th of February 2019.