Inside Waste & Business Environment Network

Tue, 2017-07-18 19:35 -- 3031179

As a part of your membership of the Sustainable Engineering Society you have access to the online resources of Business Environment Network (BEN), including all archives and premium content. BEN offers content on a broad range of sustainability issues, including sustainable infrastructure, planning, the built environment, site remediation, legal issues, water and wastewater, policy and corporate sustainability initiatives.

Sharing the same online portal as BEN is Inside Waste. Inside Waste offers content on waste and resource management issues, including energy from waste, landfill management, infrastructure planning, policy, research and industry news.

Together BEN and Inside Waste provide a deep reservoir of content for sustainability professionals. More than 1,000 new content items are added each year, with fresh content every day. The searchable archive of more than 10,000 items is an excellent research tool that enables you to quickly identify relevant information to support your activities and projects.

Each week a selection of the latest content will be sent to you in the form of a newsletter; however, much more content is available to you on the website itself.