Interesting Sustainability Links and Information

Fri, 2016-02-26 01:31 -- adminssee

Some links which you might find interesting and useful have been included below.  If you have any additional content that you think our members might be interested in please contact our committee administrator.

Why we should care

Climate Control News (CCN) Live Conference

UN meetings discuss future of global sustainability

It is the Earth

How pesticides are undermining our children's health and intelligence

Too Late for Two Degrees

Scientific case for avoiding dangerous climate change

Well Presented Climate Facts

TED talk - Retreating Ice (Fantastic Imagery with a scary message)

Fear is stronger than optimism in creating rapid social change

Economic Growth and Challenging the Status Quo

Engineers Australia: Innovation key to Australian sustianability, by Brent Jackson, April 2014

The Story of Solutions - Annie Leonard the Story of Stuff Project

Challenging current directions on sustainability - By Graham Davies, May 2012

How Australian Coal is Causing Global Damage - By Bill McKibben, June 2013

Dealing with Climate Deniers

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Real Weather Report

Carbon Trading

The Story of Cap and Trade - Annie Leonard the Story of Stuff Project

Future Energy Market Considerations - Graham Davies

Rating Products & Perfomance

Brand Karma - Rates Brands on Environmental and Sustainability Performance

Things to help you become more sustainable

How wolves changed the ecosystem for the better

Domestic recycle near you

Business Recycling

Carbon Offsets Guide - To help you choose carbon off-sets

Healthy Interiors - To help chose products for your home or office

Food Connect - To help you purchase local, seasonal ecological food

Good Guide - Find safe, healthy, green & ethical products based on scientific ratings

Yoink - A website to reuse things by giving them away to someone that wants them.

BuildBITS - A website that sells unwanted building materials

TuShare - A website to reuse things by giving them away to someone that wants them.

The fourth R - Repair - Fix it don't nix it learn how to fix almost anything and hear some great fix it stories

Learn to make your own products from waste.

Sustainable Seafood Guide - check out the app!