Paper Submission

Tue, 2017-02-28 16:02 -- 104096

Themes and Paper Types
The theme of the conference is ‘Engineering Sustainable Cities’. The conference will be structured around two streams :

  1. Sutainable Infrastructure for a net zero GHG economy, including energy supply and efficiency, public and private transport, low GHG emission construction materials and large scale retrofit; and
  2. Resilience and community capacity building, focusing on socio economic and engineering responses to environmental impacts in major urban and regional cities.

The conference program <hyperlink> indicates the focus of the various sessions in each stream. However, these topics are not prescriptive. Potential presenters are invited to consider submitting papers on the topics mentioned as well as on topics broadly relevant to the listed topics and streams
Papers or presentations may be submitted in one or other of the following classes:

(A) Presentation based on an accepted abstract followed by a full conference paper format for subsequent inclusion in the conference proceedings and  published in either or all of

  • the Engineers Australia website;
  • the SENG website; and 
  • the Informit data base.

(B) Presentation based on an accepted abstract only.

The conference Peer Review Committee reserves to right to accept or reject any abstract and/or paper and to suggest changes to papers to the author/s.
Promptness of submission of abstracts/papers may be taken into account when selecting papers for inclusion in the conference.
For more information, please see:
Information for Presenters (Oral presentations) 
Guidelines & Submission of Abstracts
All abstracts must be submitted by Midnight AEDT on Friday 12th May 2017.