WA Commitee Details

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WA SENG Committee

Keely Mundle – Chairperson

Keely is a chartered Environmental Engineer with over 20 years of experience in hydrogeology and contaminated land investigation and remediation. She is interested in sustainable remediation and water management.

Barrett Moulds - Member

Barrett is a registered environmental and chemical engineer with extensive experience in the water industry. He is passionate about delivering infrastructure that is compatible with the goals of ecological and environmental protection and restoration.

David Rice, FIEAust, CPEng(Ret) - Member

David is active in promoting sustainability within Engineers Australia. In 2017 he received an EA Medal for his work on sustainability including as one of the authors of the Implementing Sustainability: Principles and Practice guidelines.
He is a Civil Engineer with over 25 years experience in transport strategies and highway planning; plus 15 years in project management, road design and construction. He has worked in Federal, State, and Local government; consulting and contracting.
His interest in sustainability stems from explaining in public the impacts of freeway planning and is maintained by three grandchildren.

Biji Kurup - Member

Dr Biji Kurup is a civil and environmental engineer with over 20 years professional experience as an engineer as well as an academic, currently working as a Principal Consultant, Water & Sustainability, at Environmental Engineers International Pty Ltd, Perth. She also has experience in working with both private industries and public utilities. Her interest in bringing environment and development together without compromising one or the other and sustain environmental, social and economic outcome for people and planet led her to work in the field of industrial ecology and sustainability. Biji’s academic qualifications include a PhD in industrial ecology and sustainability from Curtin University, Australia, Master of Engineering in sanitary engineering from IHE Delft, The Netherlands. She also has a Master of Philosophy in futures studies (sustainability and wastewater treatment) and a Bachelor of Technology in civil engineering, both from the University of Kerala, India. Biji is a member of the Institution of Engineers Australia, International Society for Industrial Ecology, Australian Water Association and Sustainable Engineering Society.
She also finds time to work with community and councils to bring sustainability in practice at the community level. As an academic, she volunteers to support school and college students in Australia and India by mentoring them to fulfil their dreams.

Kendall Ferraro – Member

Kendall is a versatile process engineer, committed to creating high impact in the circular economy and resource recovery sector. She is skilled at leading change for improvements, as seen throughout her experience in operations, troubleshooting and optimisation, leading business improvements, commissioning, project and design engineering, and stakeholder management. Kendall's current focus involves recovering resources for added financial value, environmental benefits, and social impact in industries such as red meat, agriculture, utilities, and other primary industries. 

Rowel De Paz - Member

Rowel is a newly graduated environmental engineer at Murdoch University. He also a professional lineman with 25 years of experienced in powerline distribution and currently employed in Western Power. He's passionate about sustainable and renewable energy, water and waste management, and start-up innovation. Rowel is a member of the Australian Water Association (AWA), Sustainable Engineering Society (SENG), and Electric Energy Society of Australia (EESA). He also voluntarily working in the Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) as a head deacon for organising events, community services, aid to humanity, and alike.
Rowel would like to be a chartered professional electrical and environmental engineer, and expert in water treatment and renewable energy.

Peter Hollis - Website and Newsletter

Peter is a chemical engineer with experience in marine construction, manufacturing, project management and research and development. He is passionate about implementing sustainable solutions that reduce carbon footprint, reduce operating costs and add value to all stakeholders through innovation and technology.