SENG National Student Award

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The Sustainable Engineering Society is committed to promoting the practice of engineering in accordance with a sustainability ethic that leads to sustainable development.

To encourage the development of a sustainability ethic throughout Australia, the Society offers annual State Environmental Engineering and Sustainability Award to undergraduate students. The winning student project from each state is then eligible to be entered in the National Student Environmental Engineering and Sustainability Award.

One nomination will be accepted from each state chapter annually based on the results of the state Student Environmental Engineering and Sustainability Awards.  The winner of the National Award will be given the opportunity to present their paper at the SENG biennial conference.

The National Student Environmental Engineering and Sustainability Award Guidelines for the best final year project report incorporating sustainability can be downloaded here.

Please refer to the timeline for chapter and national awards.

For more information please contact your Chapter chair, or the Executive Officer.

SENG National Environmental Engineering and Sustainability Student Award Past Winners





Nick Anstey, Jase Berry, Dylan Spillane

Manufacturing Strategies for Cookstoves in Developing Countries

University of Adelaide




Jonathan Schulz, Peter Golding, Sam Kapdia, Stella Naylor

“A framework for the Development of optimal trade strategies for Mitigating the impact of Shock on Global Food Security”

University of Adelaide





Jonathan Piper, Rodrigo Rodrigues, Sidharth Bhattacharya, Siti Wilson

"Renewable Power from Scrap Materials"

University of Adelaide


Ms Hong Vu  (2014 QLD Award winner)

"Sanitation Implementation and Technology for Human Waste management in Urban Slums: Mimbai, India"

Tyler Tinkler

"Effect of Rainfall Variiability on Semi-Arid Vegetation"

University of Queensland


University of Newcastle




Harrison Evans, Anthony Liew, Mark Padovan, Michael Watchman 

"Solar Thermal/UV Water Treatment for Humanitarian Use"

University of Adelaide


Richard Arthur, Jimmy Nguyen, Trang Truong, Kirilly Wagstaff, Daniel Wielechowski, Makarios Wong

"Black Liquor as a Feedstock for Ammonia and Electricitiy Production"

Melissa Harrow

"When to Burn? Climate Variability and its impacts on prescribed burning in Eastern Australia"

Allister Gaffney (2013 QLD Award winner)

"Water Sensitive Urban Design for the Spring Creek Catchment and MUSIC Sensitivity Analysis"

Monash University



University of Newcastle


University of Southern Queensland




Kylie Bishop 

"Anaerobic Co-digestion of Municipal Solid Waste"

RMIT University 


Jane Nichols   (2012 Qld Award winner

"Investigation into rainwater harvesting systems in the rural hilly regions of Nepal"

Luke Babic

"Analysis of Mine Subsidence using Finite Elements"

Griffith University



University of Newcastle

Daniel Harrington (2011 Qld Award winner
"Coal Seam Gas Water as a Medium to Grow Marine Microalgae for Biofuel Production"
University of Southern Queensland

Lucas Zieland

"Modelling and Performance Assessment of Large Scale Solar Photovoltaic Plants in Rural Australia"

Laurence Watson

"Solar-boosted Biomass-to-Liquid  Process Modelling" 

Alexander McClusky

"Hydrodynamic Analysis of the Effect of Riparian Vegetation in the Widden Brook"

Curtin University





University of Newcastle


Jonathan Ham (2010 Qld Award winner
"Evaluating the Factors Affecting Corrosion in Drinking Water Distribution Systems"
James Cook University
Grace Foo
"Reuse in the Prototyping Industry – A Decision Model"
Georgia Roberts
"Modelling Banded Vegetation Patterns in Semi-Arid Regions"
Benjamin Taylor (2009 Qld Award winner)
"Rapid estimation of rainwater yield throughout Australia and review of Queensland rainwater harvesting operating policy"

University of Southern Queensland
Nathan Coxs
"Assessing the sustainability of water treatment technologies in rural communities, Case Study: Tenganan, Indonesia"
Western Australia
John Baulis, Lisa Lloyd, Fiona Paton and Ben Staniford
"Multi-objective Optimisation of Urban Water Supply Systems at the Regional Scale Incorporating Sustainability"
South Australia
P. McArdle, J. Gleeson, T. Hammond, E. Heslop, R. Holden
"Throsby Creek Stormwater Harvesting for Potable Reuse"
Neilly et al  (Qld Award 2008 winner)
"Resource recovery from acid mine drainage water"
James Cook University