2012 QLD Student Award

Thu, 2012-11-01 17:50 -- adminssee

The 13th Annual Queensland Environmental Student Award Night was hosted by the Queensland University of Technology Gardens Point campus on 31 October 2012. (flyer)

The evening showcased thesis projects being undertaken by Queensland undergraduate students studying environmental science, environmental management and environmental engineering at Qld universities as follows:

Malin Davidsson - Mechanical Engineering, Queensland University of Technology
GPS useage in Estuary Applications

Jane Nichols - Environmental Engineering, Griffith University
Improving Water Supply in Nepal

Barbara Wronski - Chemical Engineering, University of Queensland
Analysis of the Suitability of Anaerobic Digestion In Devikulam, Southern India

Jessica Kong - Civil/Environmental Engineering, Queensland University of Technology
Implementation of Energy Efficiency Initiatives - Australian Aerospace

Emma Thompson Brewster - Civl/Chemical Engineering, University of Queensland
A Method for Assessing Water Supply Security and Augmentation for Regional Queensland Communities Incorporating Historical and Stochastic Modelling Techniques

Aaditi Dang – Environmental Engineering, University of Southern Queensland
Herbicides wash off from sugar cane trash

The entries were all of a very high standard and because of this the results were all very close however congratulations go to the winner Jane Nichols from Griffith University, shown below receiving her certificate.

Jane is the Qld nominee for the SSEE National Student Award for 2012.

The runner up was Aaditi Dang from the University of Southern Queensland, congratulations Aaditi.

SSEE and WMAA would like to thank our generous sponsors of the evening. These were:

Our thanks also go to Associate Professor Les Dawes, Science and Engineering Faculty of QUT who put an enormous effort in to organise the event.  We would also like to thank Dr David Moy of WMAA, and the MC's of the evening Jodie Farthing and Stephanie Thompson for their effort and support.